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Howdy all,
Gary here from New England....Mass to be more specific....
I have a 2013 Frontier 4x4 SV crew cab and have loved it since day 1.

My baby is in need of some detailing and some little mods.....of course with the New England winter not letting go....some of this will have to wait for warmer dryer weather....but I would like to start doing some little things like;

- head light LED upgrades
- smoke the marker and brake lights
- possibly plastidip the wheels matt black and or/gloss them
- body and paint correction from all the wear and tear.
- transmission filter, flush
- suspension lube and grease.
- rear end diff fluid change

these some of the things I look forward to doing myself and hope to be able to get most of if not all of my DIY info right here from this forum....

No time like the present....looking for the right LED kit for the headlights for starters....

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