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I just joined today, though I have read many posts as I am a semi-do-it-yourself kind of guy. I own a 2005 crewcab Frontier and have done my own brakes twice, did my radiator flush, tire rotation and just today I changed my spark plugs! That's right the dreaded "Tune-up." I put in Platinum Plugs so I won't have to do this again for 100,000 (My truck has 81,000). The plugs were very bad, including one that was burned and had gasoline on it.

I am a Poolman, so I drive a lot. I start and stop my truck over 40 times each day. I just had my clutch & flywheel replaced, seems to have had a defect of some kind because I have owned stickshifts for 20 years and never burned one out til now. The mechanic said maybe the bearing got caught up and the clutch was depressed halfway while I was driving, who knows. The flywheel was not cheap.

That's about it for now.
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Welcome aboard.

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