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new member in SD

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hi all - i don't drive a frontier, but have had 6 nissans in the last 6 years (05 + 07 sentra, 06 + 08 versa, 09 cube, and current car is 09 altima coupe). there are trucks in the household garage, but no frontiers yet. o_O

just looking to hear from frontier owners and why you love your trucks so much!

ann :)
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hi mustard... i assume you mean your fronty can fly... but your sig picture creature looks like it could, too. :) cute!
I have a Frontier... I don't have a fronty and yes mine can fly.. well Right now It hasn't had wheels on it in a few months but it will fly.. But dude.. these trucks are awesome.. every one that rides in mine is impressed.
mustard. yo mohawk is gay!

welcome. i love my truck because its mine.
and the little red button that lets me fly.
its a saying butthole......
get with the times.
dude I'm old.. having a midlife cresses and stuff..

Oh yeah welcome to the club..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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