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Hey all,

New member here, been lurking for awhile though. I have a 2011 6cyl SE MT, bought it because it's the cheapest option for a truck of it's size. With that being said its pretty legit for a guy with simple needs. When I was looking around, I was basically just looking for a small truck with a manual transmission and less than 100k miles. Very quickly, it became obvious the frontier was what I was looking for. I was nervous it would be garbage but the personal reviews seemed alright. Further, as I looked through the professional reviews, I saw a through line in the complaints: not enough updates. Yeah I don't care about that at all. I drive the hell out of this thing and it's been great.

Big thanks to the lot of you, saved me a ton of money over the past couple years. Particularly a couple months ago, easily saved over a grand doing my own leaf springs. Though my back would like to have a word with you guys on that one... Special shout out to those who roll thru with the torque specs, y'all the real MVPs. Most everything I've needed has been available in some nook or cranny on this site, so I haven't needed to actually make an account yet. I come to you a humble man looking for guidance on yet another quest to save $$$.

Again, I have a manual transmission, 6 speed if that's not obvious. Out of frustration, I shifted a tad too aggressively on the highway today. Immediately after and since, shifting has been very choppy. I'm looking for literally any information regarding the shifter assembly and the parts involved. I'm going to make a separate post about this but any tips, between the actual repair and navigation of this forum, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all
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