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Hi all,
Well I'm now 65! And after driving 2WD Toyota pickups since 1982....

( New 82 - I-4, Manual, Extra Cab Deluxe, 140K; New 97 - T100 V-6, Automatic, Extra Cab SR5 - 17years 300K, Used 06 bought in 12 - Tundra V-8 Automatic Extra Cab SR5)....

...was so disgusted with the NEW Tacomas I went with a truck I was thinking of getting back in 2012 when I bought the Used 06 Tundra!
I went for the most 'Conventional' truck in the midsize market. One that still looks like a TRUCK instead of an SUV. AND still has the good 4.0 V6!
The 2017 Frontier 2WD Crew Cab Long Bed 4.0 V-6 Automatic. ::smile::

I have always used my trucks as around town transportation and hauling my dirt motorcycles (Many times two of them) to the races AND on trips/vacations to other states for races, camping etc.
The Mid Size trucks are perfect for one guy and all his stuff!
Full size trucks are too damn big for me.

I loved my Toyotas but feel like they really screwed half of their customers on the 're-design'.
Awful looks. 3.5 engine with LOTS of gears. TOO tall. for me it was Three Strikes you're OUT!

As odd as it sounds, for dirt bike hauling, what I call the 'Lowboy' or 'Gardner's Truck' Tacoma with 15" wheels would be perfect BUT with the 4.0 V6. In 2015 you could even get a nice SR5 Access Cab/Long Bed version - but only with the little 4 cylinder engine.....:frown:
Now they even got rid of the 15" wheel versions.

So I have had my Frontier a couple weeks now and so far Love it!
Am here to learn Frontier Specific info and recommendations.
Will post some questions in the right areas about Oil and a Backup Camera Alarm that goes ON when the tailgate is down and you aretrying to back up!::laugh::

OK thanks!
San Francisco Bay Area

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Whats up Pete!!! I stay in the city and Oakland as well! I have a '16 Pro4x n like to go off the radar on the weekends! We should organize a bay area meet up sometime :cool:

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Welcome! Lots of good resources on here for information. There is no shortage of tips and how-to's. Don't forget to post some pics of your truck, and any builds. What color is yours? I'm assuming you have the value truck package included based on what you said about it. I also have the CC/LB and I love it. Lots of cab space, and plenty of bed space.

As far as your backup alarm, there should be a switch under the climate controls where you can turn it off for just that reason. On the '16 its the middle button.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Land rover discovery

In an unrelated story, I think I need to clean mine...

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Thanks guys for the hellos and the tip on where the backup alarm switch is! Easy!

Had trouble 'breaking in' to this site. You'd think it was Fort Knox! lolol

Actually I save that description for the damn Oil Filter!
Well, once you FIND it behind the plastic fairing and the too small 'cover' in the fairing....
Why on earth did they make it so impossible to access???

I finally took the fairing OFF. But filled the gap in below the oil cooler/ radiator so the air flow is still directed THRU the coolers and not allowed to escape below them thru the gap.
Has anyone else done something like this so they can simply change the oil filter???
Was I right in thinking the fairing played a role in directing the air THRU the coolers?
Any reason I should have NOT done it? Thanks!

Oh and.... Has anyone else rigged up a Rear Deck Light MASTER POWER OFF SWITCH? In addition to the switch that is there..... It's easy to not close a door completely and as the Manual warns, doing so and not noticing will result in a dead battery! :O
How silly to not have a master power switch to it.
As a friend pointed out, even the dome light inside has a 3 way switch to accomplish that.

Let's see..... what else? ::smile::

Just turned 3000 miles! Really enjoying the truck. I simply couldn't wait til 5000 to change the oil for the FIRST time. Did it today... Then will do every 5000. Am using Nissan Ester Oil as recommended in the manual....(4.0 engine). Any comments? ::smile::

One last thing.... ::wink::
What's with the maintenance schedule requiring changing the BRAKE FLUID every 20000 miles?

On a vehicle that requires NO fluid changes other than engine oil - for 100,000 miles they require changing BRAKE fluid?????
I've NEVER changed the Brake fluid in ANY vehicle I have owned. And I have ALWAYS gotten way over 100,000 miles on a brake job. Over 200 K to the first brake job on my 300,000 mile Toyota T-100! And never any brake fluid replacement.

This one has me shaking my head. :nerd:

Obviously I would consider myself a 'light' user. My biggest loads are around 900 lbs. 2 motorcycles and all my stuff! AND I drive reasonably and follow the manual on service.
I am NOT a severe user.....

Anyway Thanks! Hope to get back here more often!
In the mean time.....
Happy Motoring

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Welcome! I'm here in Vallejo, great to have you here!
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