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Hey guys, my name is Chris. I live in Lubbock, TX where I work as a police officer.
Over the past few months I have been lurking around and figured I would just join in the fun.

I have been in the market for a new 4x4 for about a year now. Over the past year I have been researching/test driving 4x4s & just recently cut out all other contenders and the sole victor was the dual-cab Frontier Pro-4x w/manual transmission.

I'm looking to build a 4x4 tourer style rig...where I can travel longer distances comfortably (both on/off-road), and then have a vehicle that can perform adequately well off-road once I reach my destination. I also needed a rig that could tow my '54 M38A1 and/or my KLR650 to various events & trails. The Frontier seems to fit the bill on all accounts.

I have been researching and planning out my future build (I like to make sure everything I want to do can be done...before I start a project) and, for now, my build looks more or less identical to the "Lola" Frontier built by Wreckedriver1321 with a few exceptions. The main differences are: no snorkel, different electrical accessories (I don't want to run a fridge for example), different comm radio solutions to include HAM bands (I'm a HAM operator), and a few other odds & ends like different lights/winch/suspension. Obviously all builds change over I guess we'll see how it turns out.

My plan is to pick up a Frontier after we close on our house (so early March). I'll create a build thread w/lots of pics when I pick up my rig.

I'm on many other forums under the same name so you might recognize the name from any of those places (forum memberships include everything from military vehicle forums, to boating, fishing, 4x4, diesel trucks, Jeeps etc).

Currently my toy fleet includes a 1954 M38A1 (military version of the Jeep CJ5), 1967 Kaiser-Jeep M35A2 6x6 2.5ton truck, and a 2003 KLR650. I included a few pictures of the toys...because "pics or it didn't happen".


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