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New member from Southern California

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Just picked up a 2005 Nismo Crew Cab 4x4 for an impending move to Eastern PA. Been lurking here ever since getting info, so I decided I should join up.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Welcome the to club if it's a automatic make sure the radiator has been replaced sometime the last 6yrs.

Here's the link for the problem on all 05-10 Frontiers
PS you don't have to Bypass you can just get a new radiator OEM, or aftermarket. Some of us have a CSF all aluminum racing radiator for additional cooling, and lack of the plastic top and bottom.

And if it looks like mine use to and is splitting where the aluminum coil and the plastic top crimp together it's not long for this world anyways.

Thanks for the tip. Thankfully the previous owner experienced this failure. So it has all new cooling and a freshly rebuilt transmission.

I do however think my fan clutch is failing. I've been trying to find a detailed write up on electric conversion, but haven't had much luck. If anyone has a link to a good write up/parts list, i would appreciate it.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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