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New member from San Antonio, Texas. 2004 Frontier 4x2 XE 2.4l

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Whatup fellow Frontier owners. I've owned this truck for almost a year now and I am now in love with it....despite it's complete lack of power. (Previous truck was 06 Tundra DC...may she R.I.P) It's my daily driver and work truck so I want to learn anything and everything that I can and can't do to my Fronty since I prefer to not let anyone else work on my vehicles...unless it's absolutely necessary.
So far I've added
-Window tint 3M Color Stable 20% front & Limo in rear.
-Auto dimming mirror w/)compass & temp(got from junkyard Xterra) from which I tapped power for radar detector.
-Overhead map light (from Xterra) wired with diodes to door switch, added power switch to turn off when needed.
-JL Audio ACP108LG-W3v3 fits perfectly in jack storage area. (I carry hydraulic jack at all times.)

Thanks folks!

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Welcome, it is good to see more people joining from the best state in our union, and the best city to boot ;)
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