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New member from DFW

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Hi Guys,

Name is Kyle, been snooping the forum for a while, I am previous owner of Titans, armadas, and a pathfinder. I finally found my truck, its a 2014 Pro-4x, I have big plans for it in the future as an expedition vehicle. The build will be slow, but fun as always. Glad to meet everybody, anyone from the dfw area that goes off roading? would love to meet some peeps and hang out.

Here's a couple pix I took, all stock for now, will be doing tires first, the stock BFG Rugged trails are definitely fun to drive as my wife tells me she peels out all the time when she drive the truck, so I will need something more aggressive. Watch out for a build thread soon.


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Welcome, nice truck. Enjoy your stay.
Nice looking truck and welcome to CF.
Hello Kyle, welcome to the site! Glad to have you here. You've made the right choice and won't be disappointed with your Pro-4x. A lot of good info here regarding mods in case you are thinking of doing any. Check out some of the garages and you may get some ideas. Good luck with all your plans and keep us posted!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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