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New member from Alberta

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2005 Frontier LE
- Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover

Just wanted to let the fellow canucks on here - It's often a hassle to order goods, especially large ones, from US-based sites - you get charged extra for shipping, brokerage fees, and the conversion... However, I just ordered the bakflip from JC Whitney for all Auto parts - Car, Truck, Jeep, Motorcycle & RV Parts during one of their free shipping promos (seems like they have one every few days), and they only charged me $12USD extra to ship to canada, with the promise of no brokerage fees upon arrival.

Funny thing is, when it arrived, UPS charges me $78 for brokerage fees (I'm sure other canadians know what this is like). So I call JC whitney, and they apologize and promptly refunded this on my Visa. Not sure why this happened but I have to say I was pretty happy with the experience, so I'd definitely recommend ordering parts or accessories from this company.
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Welcome from a fellow Albertan. That's pretty solid from JC Whitney.
Welcome fellow Canadian!
welcome and enjoy
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