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Good morning everyone, my name is Jared. Grew up in DE, currently stationed in Yorktown, VA with the USCG working as an Engineer on the 41' small boat as an underway instructor for BM "A" School. The '02 Crew Cab 4x4 was the Frontier that first got me interested. I remember seeing one on the highway and falling in love with the trucks. It was hard for me to buy a foreign truck but I am pleased and surprised by the performance of the Frontier. Currently own a Super Black 05 that I purchased this past Friday. Not doing much with it for now but it will be my main Surf Fishing Beach rig. Not much in terms of "OHV" support in VA except for some trails in George Washignton National Park. But I shouldn't have much time left here anyway.
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welcome to clubfrontier
Welcome to the club Jared.

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