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new member but please help!!

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Hello folks I am new to this forum and I need help! I broke a timing belt and yes the engine is destroyed so I got another engine but need some advise on the removal. Does the tranny have to come out with the engine and any tricks or tips.
Thanks Mike
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leave the tranny in place. Auto, unplug every thing, pull the radiator, drop the exhaust, unbolt the torque converter from the flex plate, unbolt the motor mounts and lift the motor high enough to slide it forward. Now put a jack and board under the tranny and unbolt the bell housing, give it a little jiggle to slide it off the dowels and out it comes. Manual you skip the torque converter step but need to slide it farther forward to clear the clutch.

Piece of cake, out and in in less than a day:noworries:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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