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New 2010 Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 SE V6, Black.

Had a 2005 Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 SE V6 for 39 months. Had to give up the '05. Lease ran out. They were asking to much for a new lease at the time and a buyout was too much. Had to 'suffer' through 1.5 years with a Murano lease.

I was able to get out of it early through the "Pull Ahead" incentive. Nissan paid for three months of remaining lease. I paid for two. Plus, the Lease Loyalty incentive gave me another $1500 off (Dealer Invoice). And I worked a VPP (Vehicle Purchase Program) discount for another $1000 off Dealer Invoice (relative in the family works for Nissan). All incentices aligned perfectly with a near zero money factor.

So, here I am!
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