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New Lights!

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Been gone a while. Finally getting back on the board. Ordered some Hella Rallye 4000's a couple months ago and installed them on my ladder bar. I have 2 driving beams in the center and 2 cornering beams on the sides. AWESOME coverage! Only drawback is glare on the side view mirrors. I may swap the cornering beams to the center to get rid of some of that. Either way, they've come in quite handy a few times. I still want more light though!

I had to remove my front kayak mount because the lights are so BIG! I haven't gotten around to building a bracket to relocate it rearward a couple inches yet, but it's coming.

As soon as my bonus check comes in I'm ordering my KMA bumpers and driving up to Summit Racing to pick up some 285/75/16 Swampers! Can't wait.


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looks good get some nigt shots with the lights
pretty legit.
LIGHT! +1 on the night shots.

FYI. SSR Swampers run 33.9", a bit more your M/Ts(33.1")).
Very nice looking long bed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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