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Hey everyone!

My name is Drew, I am 20 years old and I am a grocery manager at Albertsons. I recently bought a 2005 6 speed 4x4 crew cab Frontier. This is my first truck, but my fourth vehicle. I currently own the Frontier and my 96 Mazda Miata that I have slowly been building for just over a year now. After daily driving my extensively modified Miata for a year I decided that I needed to buy myself something a little more practical. I had plans for turboing the Miata but I have since lost interest (and funds lol) in continuing the project. I decided to put my Miata up for sale and begin work on the Frontier because I have come to love the truck.

This is my 96 Miata that I bought bone stock in the Spring of last year.

Modifications include~~
Fortune Auto coilovers
Harddog hardcore roll bar
Full Sparco interior
Custom exhaust
15x8 Enkei RPF1s
225/45/r15 Toyo proxes
APR mirrors
Megasquirt ECU

Lots of other goodies

Here's the truck!

After 2 days of ownership I decided to drive it 150 miles and go on a week long camping trip with my girlfriend. The truck did awesome and it was a great way to break it in!

Currently has a leveling kit on it with some aftermarket 17x8 wheels and 33" tires.

I'm quite excited to begin modifying the truck and learning more about suspension bits in general. As of right now I plan on getting some 33" Toyo MTs along with a small lift and a Calmini front bumper.

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Welcome. Nice looking vehicles!

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Welcome to the club Drew!
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