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Hey everyone,

Just picked up an '05 with 200k on it here in Toronto. My old van was RHD and didn't fit underground (plus the wife didn't like driving it) so it was time for something new! The truck has a roll up tonneau cover and a back rack which is great for my work. Also, baby on the way so a car seat will be way easier to deal with in the truck!

Had to get the LH front bearings replaced along with the drivers side power window regulator. On the list are a whistle coming from around the windshield somewhere that is REALLY ANNOYING!!!!!! And I find the front doors open really really wide! Way wider than my old van. Is there a way to limit them a little bit?

On the to do list are -

USB charging port in one of the lighter outlets
LED interior lights
Fix annoying whistle
Aux port for the stereo (Can I swap in a stock unit from a newer model?) or ideally hook up my 128Gb iPod to it
Install fog lights (didn't come with 'em)

I'm coming out of a pretty unique vehicle, but it was a '96 so it's nice to be in something ten years newer!

New -

Old -
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