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New HU for xmas!!

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Got a Pioneer 3100DVD HU from Santa this year. Now I just have to go get the Dash install kit and wiring harness. Gotta love Santa!

I'll finally have an AUX and USB input.
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I went to Best Buy but they said they don't carry the dash kit for the '09 model year, guess I'll have to look harder....
I just ordered the one form crutchfield, I'll install it and see how it looks. If I'm not feeling the looks of it I might take my stock dash piece and see if I can adjust it to fit my new HU.

I should have the dash kit, antenna wire, and harness tomorrow so I'll try and work on it then and hopefully have it done this weekend if not.
Crutchfield was fast, got my delivery last night. Contained the universal wiring harness, face plate, and antenna adapter. Finished the wiring harness lastnight. Hopefully I get to work on the install this evening.
Just installed the HU this morning! Sound is excellent, the dash kit from fits very well and was an easy install.

I'll post pictures when I have my camera charged later today...
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