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So, I don't have a Frontier yet. I'm looking into buying a crew cab of sorts and am leaning towards a Frontier very much. Seems to have a good track record for longevity. So, the reason I joined is with the hopes of becoming a Frontier owner. I was hoping I could get some pointers. Things to look for in buying a used rig. My goal is to stay under $10k, pay cash, preferred under 150k miles, and get an automatic. I'm seeing a few out there around $7500 with 160k miles. Can you help point some things out, like:
What are common failures?
4.0 or 3.3?
Which ones in what years have timing chains compared to belts?
What should be done by 125k miles or so?
Perhaps this should be a thread question? Go ahead an either reply or PM me. Thanks in advance.
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