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New here from sunny FL!

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Sup everyone! Just intoducing myself. I own a 2000 Fronty. So far not much done. Working on swapping it to an auto tranny. Will be built as a full audio beast!
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Why the swap? I just traded in a 2008 auto for a 2010 manual. I'm having a great time these days. That's why there are 26 flavors at Baskin Robbins I guess.
Where in the Sunshine State are you?

welcome to the forums. you anywhere near west palm?
Welcome! I'm between Orlando and Ocala myself...
welcome, I'm near the Palm Bay area but spend as much time around central Orlando
If you were in cali I would trade you my auto trans

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welcome, i'm also in FL west of Orlando
Welcome!!...and what part of FL is sunny today? Rain is killing me here in Deland!
Welcome to the club!
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