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Hi everyone,

I have visited this site a number of times for advise on different things involving my Frontier. I am currently on my second 2006 Nissan Frontier except this one is a white 4x4 NISMO. My last one was a black extended bed 2WD that I LOVED but the week I got it out of the body shop for a few minor repairs and added a lift kit with new wheels and tires I wrecked it into a tree and totaled it. I was totally bummed since I bought that one brand new off the lot and kept it in tip top shape. I used the insurance money to buy my current NISMO and was totally stoked but after having it a couple years now I believe that it was not handled with as much care as I thought and have run into a number of issues. That being said I have a LOT of experience now working on the truck and thought I could add value to the site. I also have some questions but will start a new thread for those. See ya around.

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what is the difference in NISMO and Pro4X?
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