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Hey people,
Joined your forum to get some info on a possible used Frontier purchase. Had a xTerra before a rouge deer took it out and I've missed it ever since. A pu would suit me better now and I don't need the Crew Cab since this is going to be a third vehicle for our family which I'll drive 95% of the time. Higher miles ok but less than 150k and doesn't have to be perfect body wise. Just looking for a mechanically sound runner that I'll probably drive less than 3k per year.

I'm looking for a used (<$10K) King Cab 2WD V6 to haul a couple 250cc class dual sport motorcycles and general crap. May someday tow a smallish a-frame type camping trailer (<4k lbs.). Really like the Frontier but also looking at a used Dakota....

Been looking on, eBay, craigslist and been searching here on what to look for and to avoid.

Nice place you have here.

Mark B.
Louisville, KY
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