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new guy goin to alaska...

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just bought an 04 frontier crewcab 4x4

i tried to post in the 1st gen section, but i dont have priveleges...guess i have to post here first?

well im military and traded in my 05 pontiac g6 gt for a truck...because i have tow my toy to alaska (1988 mitsubishi starion esi-r) which weighs 2600lbs...figure ill get a dolly to lower the trailer weight.

i have a feeling i may struggle on this trip with the 3.3...not sure because i towed a car with my pontiac for a few hundred miles hahahaha. but this is a 5000mile trip. (im in florida)

but here are some pix of the truck i got today

i am going to take some high res pix when i detail it tomorrow.

ive always owned sports cars...not trucks so this is my first truck.

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Welcome! Congrats on the truck and more importantly thank you for your service.
My father spent four years in the military stationed in Alaska in World War II (many moons ago) LOL. We were just looking through pictures from back then last night.
How long will you be stationed there? Wouldn't a full trailer be safer in the long run? How much to ship the car versus renting a dolly not to mention low gas mileage and tire wear? Not to mention the extra stress from worrying about your car.

ill be at elmendorf afb for about 4 years. well a dolly usually has unlimited miles for the rent. but to ship my car we are talking about $4k. im guessing car/trailer and stuff im takin with lookin at about 3500lbs maybe 4. of course i wont be speeding...only driving 8hrs/day maybe 10hrs for about 10-14 days
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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