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I will start off by saying THANK YOU ALL for taking the time to give your very helpful tips, info, and feedback about our great truck. Now that being said, I always wanted a tacoma since I was a kid, and in 05 when the 2nd gen's came out I said I must have one! I test drove the Frontier 1st and then tacoma and all I could think was, why would I want to pay 6g more for a kid dream?? No thanks. Frontier won in all catigories hands down. I thought I would try all the other trucks, domestic to, just for the hell of it. After 1 hour later.... I got back in the Frontier and said I will take this truck home now.

I now own a 2005 Frontier SE Crew Cab, no mods yet.

I would like to know if anybody has found a slide in camper that would fit in 05 Crew Cab? I have found only 1 at Four Wheel Campers Falcon - Mid/Mini size Trucks, but
I read that the frontiers owners manual suggests not to put slide in campers in crew cabs. What to do?

Any way thanks again and glad to be here.
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