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New Guy from GA

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Hey Guys,
New to the forum. Just bought a 2000 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab XE. 92,000 miles. She is unmolested, and for the most part will stay that way for a while anyways.

Future Plans -
Tint Windows
Paint Fender Flares
Bull Bar w/ Lights

The truck, already had an aftermarket radio in it. I yanked it out and installed my Eclipse CD Player, but the speakers need replacing!

I just got rid of my 2003 Toyota Tundra AC V6 with 150,000 miles. Decent truck, they Toys just aren't for me. The Fronty is cleaner, better looking, and has 60,000 less miles. :hi:

For now, I just plan on doing the routine maintenance.
-Belt(s) are squealing, gotta tighten em up and see if that helps.
-Small oil leak at fuel sending unit. Replacing and changing the oil.
-Small squeak on the passenger side rear (Any ideas?)
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Welcome and enjoy.
Welcome! The factory spark plugs (NGK platinum) are good for up to 105,000 miles. Unless you know when or if they were changed it's almost time. The timing belt too has a 105,000 mile life but it's best to change by 100K along with the water pump while all is apart and while at it change all the fan belts.

Welcome to Club Frontier.

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Hey, welcome to the club!
Thanks guys! I am in South GA, 30 minutes above Tallahassee, FL.
Im in West Ga about 10 minutes from Bama and 45 from ATL
Welcome from North Ga!
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