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New Guy Checking In

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Hey Guys just checking in I'm just outside Philadelphia Pa . This seems to be the site wth a wealth of frontier knowledge . I have been researching thee frontier seems to be a pretty solid truck .
I have had Tacoma's in the past there plastic bed was allways to narrow for my needs and like the steel beds in the frontier .
Toyota blew it on there new gen truck with the 3.5 and crappy 6 speed auto ... Frontier may be called old but is a better truck .
Right now I do have a GMC 3500 SRW Duramax and its a solid truck but is my tow rig the new titan XD did not cut it when I took one for a test ride .
I also have a SUV Toyota 4Runner Trail preimum which I think is one of the best old school 4x4 trucks you can buy , still has a frame , manual 4x4 shifter with a locking axle .... Plus a few updated things like heated seats and sunroof .
That truck is in the same category as the frontier , its considered old technology... Some times old is better .
Now I am looking for a 2016 Frontier Pro 4X to fit my small truck needs , their seems to be plenty of them out there just shopping around for the right deal .
Just stopping in to say Hello .

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Welcome to the forum, Greg. It sounds like you have done your homework and know what you're looking for. The longer you hand out here, the lighter your wallet gets from seeing all the mod ideas.
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