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Hi folks!
Just wanted to join in this group to get ideas & stay current on what you are doing to personalize your Frontiers! I manage a Ford Dealership Body Shop and last year we repaired a customers SE 4cly pickup and was so impresed with its performance that I sold my F150 FX4 and purchased my frontier!! I do 50+ miles a day commute and the Frontier fills the bill with an average of 22.7 gal! The Frontier offers so much over the Ranger when I compared them as well-1) no 4 door cab on the 4cly models. 2) no 4 wheel disc brakes. 3) room inside-in the ranger, your knee is up against the door panel! 4)fuel tank capacity 21.0 vs 18.0 gives me over 420. range like in the F150 but uses 6 gallons less fuel each fillup= $600. a year in savings on fuel -WOW!!
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