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New Girl - Alabama

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Hello everyone. I've been on the boards for a few days now and am absolutely loving it. I've got a big project going right now and my truck is in a million pieces. This board has been huge help. I bought my Frontier a couple years ago and just got it paid off so I'm going crazy with lift kits, big tires and whatever els ic an "tastefully" do to my truck.
Anyway..are there any other girl Frontier owners out there? Don;t want to be the only one.
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Lol, thats pretty funny. So the guys are jealous eh? Sounds like we're doing our jobs..haha. My brother is the one that helped me get into fixing up my truck. Him and his wife rebuild old cars and watching them sort of gave me the fever.
Lol, thanks. my brother rides motorcycles and has a shirt that says "Your bike must be very fast because you were hauling a$$ when I passed you." I just changed up the words alittle and there you have it. You can buy that shirt on ebay.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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