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New Fronty owner...Tacoma Convert!

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Soo I had my hand played for me. Christmas eve playing Santa I'm bringing all the presents over to our house for Christmas with my sister and her kids when what may have been a drunk driver swerved in front of me on the freeway. I think they were doing 35-40. I was doing 70. BAM! My 2017 Tacoma DC Longbed got mooshed. Front end Drivers side crushed when I hit the 1998 Honda.

Driver in other car left the scene. Haven't received Police report yet. I had minor injuries. Mostly arm bruises from the air bags. Insurance paid off my loan and wrote me a check for 5k to cover the difference.

My rental "car" was none other than a crewcab Frontier. In a day or two I fell in love with it. The kickers for me were the power delivery, seat support (I'm 6'3" usually my legs don't fit on most seats), and the transmission.

I hated the Tacoma's transmission and power delivery, but had grown accustomed to it.

With my insurance settlement complete and a new truck in my future, I lined up a testdrive with my dealer. Bright silver 2018 SV V6 Crewcab Long bed with Valuetruck pkg. This thing drives amazing, rides as good if not smoother than the Sr5 Tacoma, feels more solid, and best part was much cheaper.

I was able to lower my payment $160 and have some $$$ to pay off that Christmas Credit card balloon.


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