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New Fronty owner from SoCal

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Hello, I have had my new Smoke, 4x4 LE Fronty baby for 1 wk tomorrow! I use to drive Deep Water 04, Crew Cab, Titan. No, we haven't gotten rid of the Titan. My husband loved it soooo much, he offered to buy be the mini-me(frontier) in exchange for the Titan. Sometimes I can't believe I gave up the Titan. Although, I love my new Frontier. It almost seems as though it is faster than the Titan. Look forward to reading the posts on the Fronty. I could certainly use some advise before going 4-wheeling!
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jojo said:
welcome, both are awsome trucks. there is alot of us that off road. so ask away...
Thanks jojo, Look forward to taking it off roading!
beastfrontier said:
Welcome to the CLUB and have fun modding and off-roadin!

Thanks Beast! Have lots of plans for for my new baby! Hubby has already done lots of mods to the titan. Plan to make my fronty louder and faster! Can't wait! Look forward to lots and lots of fun!!
jojo said:
could you get some pics of both your frontier and titan together? my two favorite trucks.
Will post pics soon! Thanks for your reply!
gfronty05 said:
Welcome to the forum, truck lookin good hope you enjoy!!
Thanks, lovin the truck! Had it 2 wks now! :lol:
Servinhimonly said:
I can still post the first picture of you too!!! :p
:laugh: :laugh: I deleted the post....
:laugh: , What the pic of my neighbor? :laugh: :laugh:

Ok, I found my original (1st post to the forum) and made a comment.....Decided to delete but my friend Servinhimonly made a comment so that is how this came about! :laugh:

BTW...No need to say .....

:hi: and welcome! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Yikes.....Yep, clear pic of my neighbor....:laugh:
Servinhimonly said:
I'll delete it fer ya :) Just thought I'd dust it off for a little bit.
You are too kind....My neighbor will thank you in the morning!:hi:
1 - 9 of 19 Posts
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