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New Fronty owner from SoCal

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Hello, I have had my new Smoke, 4x4 LE Fronty baby for 1 wk tomorrow! I use to drive Deep Water 04, Crew Cab, Titan. No, we haven't gotten rid of the Titan. My husband loved it soooo much, he offered to buy be the mini-me(frontier) in exchange for the Titan. Sometimes I can't believe I gave up the Titan. Although, I love my new Frontier. It almost seems as though it is faster than the Titan. Look forward to reading the posts on the Fronty. I could certainly use some advise before going 4-wheeling!
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How did this old thing get going again? We can still post the shot of you in those (off)white shorts.:laugh:
JoshuaTest said:
Wait a minute... I just read Sandi's first post... She said she looked forward to "READING" the post on the Fronty... 2000 some odd posts later, she doesn't look forward to reading them... She just looks forward to "Posting" in them...
Yep, Sandi started out a virgin, but now she's Queen of the post whores.:laugh:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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