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I've been driving around in a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT for 13 years and finally decided to upgrade.

Picked up a 2014 Pro4X with 25,000 miles.
I love it overall but there are a few things I will be changing immediately.

1. It has a K&N air intake by the previous owner. I'll be removing this for a stock paper filter and stock air box. This is just my own personal preference. Aftermarket filters let more dirt into an engine. Don't debate this haha. I am sure this truck would be just fine for 250,000 miles with this K&N or a stock setup but I am weird in this way.

2. Previous owner removed the OEM muffler and installed/welded in a cheap glass pack unit in its place. The drone from it in the lower RPM's is really annoying. Anyone have any recommendations on what to do? Just get an OEM or similar muffler put back in? Worth it to upgrade the exhaust? I noticed the Y pipe on this truck looks like it was intentionally squashed from the factory for some unexplained reason.

3. The original BF Goodrich Rugged Trail tires have a minimum amount of tread left so I'll be getting some new tires asap. 60% on road and 40% off road on a lot of the Trails in Colorado. I won't be swapping summer to winter tires ever so they need to be good all year tires that do a good job on the dirt and rocks. I am open to suggestions on this a well.

4. Bluetooth is calls only?!?! Wtf. I ordered one of these to get media from my phone to the stock stereo.

I probably won't modify the truck at all other than changing the above mentioned items. It is my daily driver and I plan on driving it for 10+ years. If there are any proven upgrades to increase MPG then I may look into those options. I haven't really done a lot of searching online yet so sorry if these topics have been beaten to death by other posters. You're welcome to direct me to previous threads.

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