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Hi, all. I've got a brand new Frontier Pro-4x, manual with only 500 miles. I've had the truck a couple months but have only had the opportunity to drive it in the city so far.
I've noticed in the morning when I reverse out of my driveway I get an intermittent squeak for about the first 50 feet. It seems to go away once I've put it in 1st and only happens when it's cold. I've only noticed this when my truck has been sitting all night and is completely cold.
I don't think I should be too concerned about this, and not sure if it's worth taking it by the dealership, since it's a bit out of the way.
Any thoughts?

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I'm sure it's not a problem it's probably just because of the extreme cold. Keep an eye (ear) on it and pay attention to if it warms up if the sound goes away then you'll know it's just a cold related issue.
One of my Frontiers had an audible howl when was very cold as the temperature went up the sound went away never could figure out what it was. Enjoy the truck.

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