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hello. new to the forum here from california. don't have a frontier YET but looking in getting one soon. leaning towards the the pro-4x. I'm not gonna be doing any crazy off roading but just the local sand dunes here in my area. prolly be getting the pro-4x but what are the differences between the SL and SV models and off course the pro-4x model. only major differences i notices between them is the rear locking diff. as long as it 4x4 I'm fine with that but some good knowledge would be great. i feel like i should be post this in general forum but thanks in advance

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Do you have a cab &/or bed-length preference? Transmission?
P4X more capable & ruggedly setup for off-road wheeling.
While the SL is a bit more cush and luxurious, the P4X is the flagship of the Frontier line.
SV is more akin to utilitarian, but still capable.
I'd say most are not disappointed in an SV, yet more than a few wish they had just opted for P4X.
IFF money is not the issue, then P4X yourself!
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