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New from SE Texas

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Greetings all, just picked up a 2001 Frontier CC XE back in May. This my third Nissan, my first car was a 94 King Cab Hardbody and was the best vehicle I've ever owned and my wife drives a Rogue. I'm trying to keep this truck some what stock....
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Welcome to the club! I bet it won't be stock in a year if you keep on reading this forum:)
I'm betting it won't either, going to install my new Pioneer and XM if the weather will cooperate with me this weekend. Fishy did you get the black Texas plates for your truck? I have them on mine and I love them
Cool. I don't have the black plates but I was on the custom plate website seeing what they have available and I saved the image that it showed. Unfortunately "fishy" wasn't wasn't available:(
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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