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Hey everyone,

I just picked up a first gen Frontier (2004) that was primarily a farm truck. Dealing with a few mechanical issues right now that I'd known about prior to the purchase like the header cats, but overall I like the truck already. It's the XE 4x4 manual 3.3 non-supercharged v6 with 92,000 miles. How long do the 3.3's last anyway? Not 100% sure what I'm going to do to it, but right now I'm thinking a bed liner and maybe a light bar and cold air intake. I'd heard the cold air helps with the power and efficiency. I had an old hardbody before this truck and I loved it, so I'm hoping this is a good of a truck.



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Welcome I have a 200 new, back in

it was bone stock and I never changed it, but I have done a few changes to my 2017 so far (very few)
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