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new clutch question

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So first of all.. I went to the auto shop on the navy base I'm stationed at and he quoted me at just over a grand for a new clutch. I asked why so much and he said it would be 658 just for the labor! Ridiculous! I'll take it somewhere out in town and have them do it for half the price.

Secondly.. i asked how much the clutch kit was and he said 300 from the dealer because that's the only place he could find it. He then explained to me that the dealer said they have a "redesigned clutch" that Nissan made for our trucks because of recurring problems with them. Does that sound right? Does anyone know a different route I should be taking? Please help me out. I could really use some guidance because my wife is 25 weeks pregnant with my first son and I really don't want to spend that much. lol

p.s. my truck is an 06 CC 4x4 6Spd
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ok I take that back maybe not cheaper.. but better.. but there will be more options at a clutch shop..
I think so.. when I burned out mine there wasn't an after market option.. I think I spend $700 or $800 total to get mine done.. I know Nissan wanted over $2k to do it.
To do the clutch the shop had to order 2 tools from Nissan to do it, both of them looks like the security bits they use on electronics but beefier. The stock clutch is not that great.. I don't want to start some sort of our clutches are going to fail rumor. but one of then next upgrades will be the clutch but I will be racing it. YOu have a 4 year old truck the clutch should last longer. Mine went out after 22k miles. they are just not as strong as they should be. Things that are normal when you used to drive a clutch The manual warns against like down shifting, instead of braking.
I talked to a guy who said Nissan and Toyota both make the clutch to slip under a heavy load. that is why they say don't down shift to slow down. Also they suggest autos for towing. I'm not trying to start any the clutch will fail rumors. butt there have been quite a few blown clutches on this site..
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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