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new clutch question

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So first of all.. I went to the auto shop on the navy base I'm stationed at and he quoted me at just over a grand for a new clutch. I asked why so much and he said it would be 658 just for the labor! Ridiculous! I'll take it somewhere out in town and have them do it for half the price.

Secondly.. i asked how much the clutch kit was and he said 300 from the dealer because that's the only place he could find it. He then explained to me that the dealer said they have a "redesigned clutch" that Nissan made for our trucks because of recurring problems with them. Does that sound right? Does anyone know a different route I should be taking? Please help me out. I could really use some guidance because my wife is 25 weeks pregnant with my first son and I really don't want to spend that much. lol

p.s. my truck is an 06 CC 4x4 6Spd
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SPEC Clutches & Flywheels: Auto Parts, Domestic, Import, Truck, Racing, Drifting :: Home and Centerforce Clutches both make after market clutches that will be cheaper and stronger. I would go to a clutch shop..
:kissass: But they are tad more expensive but great clutches. If you are not racing its really not necessary tho, the stock should be lasting awhile. The last standard trans I had from Nissan took me all the way to 400,000 miles. Hopefully if he is right on the redesigned clutch it will last you.

Call the dealer and ask them for the price. It doesn't sound like this guy knows jack ****.

I trust O'Reilly's, I have never had a problem with anything from there. Buy your parts and take them to whoever is fixing it so they can't upcharge you on it.

2006 Nissan Frontier Clutch Set | O'Reilly Auto Parts

I just searched for my truck it, should be the same as yours.

Just talked to the friend that is in drag racing and this guy is over twice as expensive as the race shops here. Sounds like that guy is charging you extra for it being his first time and it being a Nissan. For some reason people think they are harder which is not the case, sometimes they are easier because they are built better.
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22K? Damn that sucks. It sounds like Nissan has really fell off the cliff on quality on this. I haven't had one in a while because I drive in heavy traffic everyday. Kind of miss it, they're so much more fun.
I can see those points. It's probably pretty hard on a manual trans and clutch to pull something. All and all manuals are cheap so I would do it. I am waiting for my auto to go out.
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