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New CF member 99 frontier SE-V6

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Hello club frontier world!

New member from South Louisiana. I would like to introduce my 1999 frontier SE-V6 King cab 4x4 manual transmission.

First off I love this truck. So amazing but nothing extraordinary. So far pretty easy to work on. I do majority everything myself, pretty mechanically inclined. So here's my mods list.

Exterior basically stock with the exception of stark led headlights, Calais led foglights

Suspension has the torsion bars cranked up. Also have some rancho UCA and some energy suspension bushings I have yet to install

Interior has all led conversion, Infinity component set in the doors and pioneer double din

Wheels are black Rock "D" window style wheels 15x8 with a 4" backspace and -13 offset. 31x10.50x15 accelera mt01 tires. Had to trim the fender well a little, not much but it doesn't rub anymore. It's surprising how quiet these are on the road for a Chinese name brand tire. Tread pattern seem somewhat similar to Toyo MT. Haven't taken it offroad.. yet.. Lol.. but now onto some pictures. Again nothing special. But this is my favorite compact pickup truck. Always been wanting to own one. Don't seem to have much locally and "street value" is retarded. Luckily I found this one in SE trim for a real good price I couldn't pass up. Too bad it wasn't a crew cab!


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