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Figured I would drop a line and introduce myself, I just picked up a 2017 CC Desert Runner after driving smaller 2 door cars my whole life and I am definitely digging being able to haul my own stuff without relying on anybody, and having a bit of extra room for passengers/stuff.

I told myself I wasn't going to mod it, but I'm about a second away from pulling the trigger on a 2" front shock spacer kit and some Firestone bags to help when I tow, and probably some wheel spacers :x
Next up would be integrating a backup camera to the factory head unit, and possibly some tow mirrors.

At any rate, heres a shot of my new frontie

And heres a shot of my first car, first Nissan, which I've had for about 15 years and going now. Hopefully now that I've got the Frontier I can make it to a few more track days.

And another 'Nissan' I work on and drive occasionally

Anyways, there seems to be a ton of info on the forum which is awesome, hopefully I'll be able to get my truck all dialed in and 'as it should have come' from the factory with those few minor improvements and not go too crazy on mods so I can get my other cars going haha
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