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I have had an 05 CC since last November and it is proving to be reliable and a delight to drive. I almost bought a Ford Sport Trac and am I ever glad I didn't!

We have a book published up here in Canada annually which reviews all vehicles. It's called "Lemonaid". Before I bought, I looked up the Sport Trac and under the Recall section it had one line "Too many to list!" On the other hand the Frontier had 3 entries which all of you are familiar with. One was the rust on the rad support causing possible air bag sensor problems (only back east in the snow/salt/rust areas). The second was wrong tire labelling and the third was the gas cap tether issue.

I have a nephew who did by a Sport Trac and so far has has $6000 worth of problems!

The only difficulty I've had so far is that after a stereo installation I have SRS warning lamp problems both with the lamp on the instrument cluster and the right air bag warning on the dash. I believe this is common, but have heard conflicting advice on correcting it. I would appreciate any help.

For your possible interest I live in New Westminster, BC (a suburb of Vancouver).


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