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Hey CF! It's been years since I've posted. I lost track of my credentials a while back. I joined CF back in 2005. I owned a 4cy 2005 Frontier, moved up to a 2007 Nismo Off-Road and with the help of CF and some key members (Mustard & TerribleOne) slowly built up my rig since.

My old handle is 'frontier279'.
So, my name is Fernando and I'm from Oceanside, CA. Just wanted to reintroduce myself and get the first post out of the way.

Glad to see this is still running strong!

Thanks CF!
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Hello Fernando and welcome back to the truck world! You'll find some interesting info on this forum. If you haven't found what you're looking for, feel free to post a question. If you have knowledge that someone else is looking for, feel free to share!
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