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New ABS recall for 2007s

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Hi all,

Just thought I'd let everyone know about a new recall - I went in for the Crash Zone Sensor one and the dealer told me about another one involving the ABS Brake Actuator.

Frontier ABS C/U NTB07-079
PB0500 Repl ABS Brake Actuator Campaign

They first ran some kind of diagnostic to see if it needed replacement (which mine did) and then it took a few days to do this as they didnt have the part.
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I searched through some of the nissan websites and couldn't find any specific info on this campaign. If you have any more info from your dealership that you could give me I'd greatly appreciate it. My dealer seems to know nothing of any braking system recall or campaign...

My 06' is doing the same thing, it's what caused my speedometer to go out, along with the VDC OFF, SLIP, 4WD, ABS lights to all come on too!...the crappy part is that my 06 is out of warranty and this ABS Actuator (P/N: 47660-ZP23C) is a $787 part!!! I hope there's a recall for this damn thing, I gotta get it fixed befor winter or I'll be sliding all over the place!!
yeah, with winter around the corner, I'm gonna want the VDC before the first snowfall. Also, I loose the speedometer when mine goes out, so that's pretty bad too considering all of the traffic cams around my area!!

Does your's only fail when it's warm or is it all the time?
Well I have a new ABS actuator on it's way overe and it's getting installed by the dealer when it arrives in. I'll let you know if it fixes my problem scine we are having similar symptoms. The controller was $780!! Idk how much the labor will be, but I'm just ready to get this truck working properly again...
So I forked out the money and got the ABS actuator (ABS computer) replaced. Thanksfully, the technician at the dealership new how to troubleshoot because now my problem is gone! The speed-o-meter doesn't shut off anymore, and the SLIP, VDC and all other lights work as advertised! I'm just glad to have the truck working properly!

I just wanted to update this thread so if someone else has this same problem in the future and searches these forums, they'll have more help that I did while trying to search for this problem! Thanks!
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