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New ABS recall for 2007s

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Hi all,

Just thought I'd let everyone know about a new recall - I went in for the Crash Zone Sensor one and the dealer told me about another one involving the ABS Brake Actuator.

Frontier ABS C/U NTB07-079
PB0500 Repl ABS Brake Actuator Campaign

They first ran some kind of diagnostic to see if it needed replacement (which mine did) and then it took a few days to do this as they didnt have the part.
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^^Im in the exact same situation as you. Mine has been dead for almost a year now. I like it because I have better braking power since the abs stopped working, but hate that I don't have the VDC for winter, and my dash looks like a christmas tree. I got excited to hear about a possible recall, but then saw it was on a 07. Hopefully we'll squeak into this one too.
My abs problem started intermittenly. But is now, and has been all spring/summer completely dead.
I would have abs for a month no problem, then one day I would just go to step on the brakes in a normal situation and the abs would go nuts, even though it was not in a lock up situation, and then abs,vdc,slip would all come on. After which I would have no abs, but the brakes would feel like they had more stopping power. So once the problem came up and never went away I didn't mind too much, cause it gave me a little better braking power. But as mentioned I have no traction control which is very nice in the winter.
I also have a speedo all the time though. Only once has my speedo stopped working, and it was oddly enough only a few days ago. But once I jumped in the truck the next time and fired it up I had my speedo back.
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