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New 98' owner in town. Hi guys.

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Hey guys, I bought a 98' frontier out of some sweet luck on craigslist back in April of last year. It is a 4x2 extended cab EX model, maroonish purple color. Only 128k miles and I got it from basically the first owner. The guy who sold it to me got it as a payment for landscaping from the original owner and wanted his money instead of this truck. So, he sold it to me for $2800. Only bad was the hail damage on the hood. Interior is excellent and still had the original radio. Doesn't leak a drop of any fluid and has no prior accidents.

Since I have had it, I have done alot of maintenance. I have:
new tires
tension rod bushings
leaf spring bushings
new stereo
water pump/themo

Only thing that has actually broken on it was the alternator and the front main seal started leaking a few weeks ago. I have since changed both and it runs great. I hope I can be of help to anyone who has questions on these things and others.

Oh yeah, and my other vehicel is a 91' 300zx TwinTurbo 2+2. 350whp/400lbs of tq... All my own work:hi:
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