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New 3" calmini lift

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Just installed my 3" calmini lift. In 9 hours with hand tools. I really would have liked to have air tools. Oh well. Install was pretty easy all things considered. Only casuality was a brake bleed screw that got wiped out while I have hammer away at the upper control arm. Now my 32" tires look so much better. Pics to follow.
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just got mine in the mail today, hopefully Ill find time to install it this week. having a lift and air tools I hope to crush that 9 hour install time.
got mine on. took 5 hours.



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Very nice!! Nice time too
truck is looking great. powdercoat those rims flat black!
I hate the rims, I'd trade them for some 15's with 33's in a heartbeat. More rubber more better.
get some american racing teflons.... they are soooooooo pimp. even though they are all scratched up now.
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I want to get some bead locks of those. just don't want to pay the money to convert.
I dig those rims, just gonna be a month or 2 before I can afford to spend the money on them.
Loving your set up!!!
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