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New 2016 pro-4x member

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Hey all, 2 weeks into my new 2016 pro4x with luxury package. Good to finally get back in a truck. Had to wait til the kids were big enough for booster seats so I could fit them in the second row. So far loving it, plus with the leftover pricing, incentives and the trade in number I got I am a very happy camper. I'm sure you'll see me here a bit with multiple questions and shouts for info, but for now just one. I know its a major talked about issue but looking at some new info as things always change. What have you guys learned about your tonneau choice. Did you get tri fold or roll up? And if you got one do you regret not getting the other type instead?

I'm definitely at this point not considering a hard type, and really would like it for safekeeping items and occasionally house fixer up lugging stuff around. And maybe if you guys use a bed divider or a box at all.

Any thoughts are appreciated . And look forward to hearing from you all.
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After looking and researching more tonneau covers till I blue in the face
, I finally ordered a backflip-mx4-premium-folding-tonneau today for $809.57. A little pricey but seems like one of the best ones. Congratulations on your new Frontier::smile::
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