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Hey guys,

Bought a 04 frontier xe on Monday. it had 70,000 miles and is a 2.4l manual.

I used a 98 frontier reg cab for work, I sold my other car (96 caprice 5.7l lt1), traded in the 98 *it had 201,000 miles, no a/c....and the car literally sat with a lean because of busted suspension. The 98 was NOT my truck, my boss gave it to me for work...

First week with it, I like it...alot. Going from a 300hp v8 to a 150hp 4 banger is a lot different.....HOWEVER, it is nothing I can't deal with.

Im getting my windows tinted tomorrow i think....20% all around with a strip up front. I use this was my work truck so I need to be kept cool with some car + 100 degrees + no tint= I am finding out.

Truck runs good, I am looking into getting these next modifications:
-TINT (first thing I'm doing)
-"ACCESS" Soft tourneau roll up
-Weapon R Intake system (the stock one is HORRIBLE....I had full exhaust on the caprice so it was responsive.) Although, from what I am reading, this intake system doesn't have a hole for the...Intake temp sensor?
-Putting my Pioneer Premier deck in
-Upgrade the stock sound system. I see these are 6 3/4's or something. A good set of components powered just by 50w would sound good. Add a 10 inch sub in a SMALL ENCLOSURE (I put my work tools back in the cab) and call it a day

I will post pics soon
Kenny I'm not feeling bad but this smiley is great..
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