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Hello Everyone,

New to the forums, looks like a lot of good information here. I recently bought a 99 Frontier SE V6 4x4, 130k miles on the motor. Needs a little work, but a little extra cash, and it should be in pretty good shape. I got it for a really good price, so I have some room to give it some maintenance. I searched the forums a little, but I didn't see anything that stuck out. If anyone has any particular insight into this particular model please let me know.
A few things I have lined up are: Timing belt, front struts, front ball joints, u-joints, a front end alignment, and a trip to the exhaust shop. While im replacing things under the front of the truck, is there anything else I should look out for or replace while im down there? Everything else seems solid, motor is strong, trans shifts, and engages well, 4-wheel drive works well. There is a little bit of surface rust on the the rockers that will get some attention in time.
Any advice will be a great help, I look forward to a few years with this truck. I don't plan on any serious modification (lifts etc.). It will be a daily driven truck, which for me is hardly anything, I put roughly 4-6k miles a year on my vehicles. Ill be hauling normal house maintenance items in it (Fire pit bricks, firewood, lumber for fencing etc.) and using the back seat for friends, groceries, and my dog.

Looking forward to talking to you members and sharing info.
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