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Hi all,
Found this site looking for Frontier forums, looks pretty good. Not really into a lot of mods but considering some (air intake maybe). I like to keep up on things to watch out for and things I hadn't thought to do. My truck came with a few nice stock extras so cosmetically it makes me happy. Got a real good deal on it from a local dealership who had it priced as a 4x2 (had to show them the ad before they believed they had it in there for that cheap). It was barely a year old when I got it with around 25K miles and cost me under $18K.

My truck's an '04 Frontier (duh) Crew Cab Longbed 4x4 with the 5 speed V6 and came with bedliner, roof-rack, side steps, and bed extender. The only thing I've added so far is an Extang Saber tonneau cover, which I love. Those J-seals make removal and installation a breeze, even in winter (<2 min off and on); no more sore thumbs from snaps.

I got my Frontier after selling my '01 Dodge Ram due to really poor gas mileage and getting stuck with one rear wheel in the snow once too often (embarassing). It was a 4x2 club cab longbed and only got 11 mpg city (which is mostly all I drive) so I'm really liking the consistent 18mpg I get from my Frontier.

Well, that's about it. Looking forward to reading and posting.
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