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New 02 Frontier Owner from Florida

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Hello to all :)

Just purchased my 02 Frontier on thursday :)
Been searching for this specific (optioned) truck for over 12 months and finally found it and got it at a $steal$ cost :) But my original body style was the ~98 body but none came around that had the options i wanted, then this 02 popped up with a great $price$ so i took it hehe..

Looking to do some minor bolt-ons for a bit more power and eventually go turbo on it. Cause this ka is def lacking some power... obviously the auto is the 1st given, is pulling 3200 lbs of weight... etc

My 1st step is to do a short ram intake and already not having any good luck with options and the only one so far is the weapon R which seems to be descent but i know i can make my own to my personal one for cheaper.
Then to remove the clutch fan and do a set of electric fans, maybe a set of altima fans or a set from the maxima that i have laying around or maybe just do 2 seperate slim electric fans cause its pretty tight as it is right now, not like my 240sx where i have MUCH more room.

But im gonna look around here in the forums and see what i can find to get some idea's...

but here is what he / she looks like, dont mind my 5yr old, he had to be in the picture....

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